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Tuesday 10 January 2012

The To-Do List!

When I was expecting Lara, I put together a list with Mr. B. of things we wanted to make sure we did before a baby came into our lives - I blogged about the maternity list some time ago but now the time has come for me to make a new list. The days are ticking down now until the arrival of the new baby Button in April.

This time around, the list is a little different and somewhat less lengthy. There are different things I long for, different opportunities I'm frightened of losing and of course there is Lara! You'll notice that a few of the things on the list are for her.

  1. Have a top-to-toe mother-to-be spa or salon treatment.

  2. Find a babysitter and go out for a long relaxing meal (in a restaurant with comfy chairs) without having to be called home because Lara is being a monster.

  3. Teach Lara to ride her balance bike.

  4. Go for a big family swim at Coral Reef (something we haven't done for ages).

  5. Go to the cinema... not sure whether this will be with or without Lara!

  6. Eat a phenomenally hot curry with lots of onions... I learned my lesson from breastfeeding Lara that onions cause windy babies!

  7. Eat dinner at the dining table as a family as many times as possible in case we don't get another chance to sit together for some time.

  8. Take Lara to a playground more exciting than the one on our estate.

  9. Get a photo taken of the three of us together.

What would your maternity to-do list look like?
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