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Saturday 21 January 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 26

So this is it, the final frontier. I'm into my last trimester and on the homeward straight. Actually, it still feels like an age away... I remember the last 10 weeks REALLY dragged last time (made worse by the fact that actually it ended up being the last 11 and a half weeks).

I have a series of maternity appointments lined up ahead of me - they get more frequent from here on in. First off will be my GTT (glucose tolerance test) in a little over a week where we will find out whether I'm at risk of gestational diabetes.

Mr B. and I have started to make some early preparations for the baby's arrival. Last week we lifted out all of the baby clothes and paraphenalia from the loft (thank goodness I kept most of it after this moment of indecision back in January 2010). I've also spent a few vouchers I had saved up on maternity and baby essentials in an attempt to get me into the baby-shopping mood.

This week I've fallen over twice. Nothing serious, and baby is still fine and wiggly as normal but it has just highlighted to me how much my shape and balance has changed. I'm also feeling REALLY uncomfortable when I walk and when in bed - far more so than I ever did when I was expecting Lara. I'm also suffering from cramps in my legs at night but thankfully, my DK app tells me that all of these feelings (cramp, pelvic discomfort and a loss of normal balance) are all quite normal when entering your third trimester.
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