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Sunday 22 January 2012

Method Laundry Review

method laundry
Searching back through the Mellow Mummy archives you'll notice that I am somewhat of a Method fan; Method products so far have made me mellow because they are quite genuinely effective and yet they attempt to reduce their impact on the environment by, wherever possible, eliminating the nasties from their products. Until now I had never tried Method laundry - my own Mum recommended it to me last month at precisely the same time as I was offered the chance to review it.

I've been quite fussy about my laundry products since Lara and her sensitive skin came into my life. I've tried a number of brands since she was born but in general I have stuck to two big names but a recommendation from your own mother can't be sniffed at!

My first observation was of the pump dispenser. Why don't more companies do this? With gel laundry detergents I'm always measuring it into cups which then dribble everywhere but with a pump there is no mess.

I also noticed that I hardly needed ANY detergent in my wash at all. the (recycled plastic) bottle told me to use 4 pumps but I found that this produced so much foam in my wash that I could barely see in to the washing machine drum so after a couple of tries I reduced this to 3 pumps. The detergent is highly concentrated with 95% active plant ingredients so not only does it have less scary chemicals to seep back into the water system but it requires less packaging that most other brands, including those that market themselves as highly concentrated.

I love the peony blossom smell but the fragrance doesn't last long on my clothes afterwards. I'm looking forward to trying out one of the Method refill pouches as it always seems a waste to throw away an empty bottle.

I haven't tried Method laundry out on any really evil stains yet but I am sure that with new-baby reusable nappies coming in a few months time I will get a chance to really put it to the test; eco-cleaner vs eco-nappy-contents!
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