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Sunday 22 January 2012

Tractor Ted DVD Review

tractor ted DVD
Very occasionally Lara and I disagree on things. There are times when I have to leave the room because, although Lara is mesmerised by something on TV, I simply cannot stand it! Justin's House is one of these things on which we disagree... Tractor Ted is another.

We first discovered Tractor Ted on holiday in Hereford this autumn. Lara was unwell towards the end of the trip and so we raided the stash of videos and DVDs that the farm owners had left us - Tractor Ted was an immediate hit with Lara. Since then we have been asked to review the latest DVD - Tractor Ted Mighty Maize Machine.

I'll admit that the Maize Machine in question is quite impressive... a forage harvester that efficiently munches up corn and maize at quite a phenomenal rate. I just find the commentary and the slow speed of the DVD grates on my nerves. Lara however will quite happily sit through the entire DVD in silence - something that is very rare given the attention span of a 2-year-old.

Tractor Ted is a cartoon character who introduces clips from the countryside and from real farms of daily farm life with animals and machinery. Tractor Ted was set up by farmer David Horler and by Alexandra Heard when her three children were young and asked her all the time to stop and watch the machines at work in the fields. There are now 15 DVDs covering big machines, looking after animals, the seasons and about growing food. It is educational but somehow holds a magical fascination for Lara.

There are lots of bright Tractor Ted farm-related toys on offer at where you can find out more about Ted and even join his fan club!!!
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