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Monday 14 May 2012

Birds Eye Grow Your Own Veg (and Win £100!)

There are few things in life more pleasurable than pottering about in the garden with Lara, planting, tending and cropping our own vegetables and herbs together (then cooking them afterwards!). In the past, we have attempted carrots together (with little success) but have never been adventurous enough to attempt peas or sweetcorn. Lara and I leave these to the experts namely Grandpa and Birds Eye!

This year Lara and I have got involved with the Birds Eye "Grow Your Own" initiative where you can learn to grow your own veg with tips from the experts - their real life commercial vegetable producers and farmers. On special packs of Birds Eye products at present you can find a code that you can redeem online at the Birds Eye facebook page to be sent some free packets of seeds (peas, carrots or sweetcorn) to grow at home.

As part of the Grow Your Own initiative, there is an app on the facebook page where you can track the progress of your plants online, upload pictures and get relevant tips for the stage that your own vegetable plants are at, all tailored to the day you planted them.

Lara Growing Her Own Peas

Using some of the handy tips on how to pot peas and corn, and using the germination kit that Birds Eye sent her, Lara had great fun planting out her peas and sweetcorn seeds. They should take about 3 weeks to germinate and once they are a bit bigger, we may consider planting them out into big pots or (if we can find space and time, into the ground) and they should take about 12-13 weeks in total before there is something to show for her hard work. Lara planted her carrot seeds straight into big pots because the seedlings will be a bit too delicate to pot on.

You too can join in with the gardening fun by claiming your free seeds and there is even an incentive (should you need an incentive more than the prospect of yummy home-grown veggies and great fun in the garden). Birds Eye are offering several prizes of £100 worth of birds eye vouchers to people who take part and upload photos of their peas, carrots or sweetcorn to the facebook app by the 15th of July - winners will be judged on their crop!
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