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Sunday 27 May 2012

The Essential One Newborn Sleepsuits and Sleeping Bags Review

I'm a bit in love with the clothes that Holly has been sent from The Essential One. Holly is so little compared to Lara at the same age that I'm eager to keep her dressed in sleepsuits and bodysuits for as long as possible to preserve that newborn innocence. Although I love to keep a few very special items of clothing for my girls, I'm definitely someone who prefers to buy simple, comfy essentials as clothing both for me and my 'baby' girls and The Essential One seem to have just nailed that market for simple essentials for babies.

The Essential One sent Holly a starter set - a 3 pack of baby girl sleepsuits in baby pink. They aren't too girly - very understated and yet they are incredibly feminine and I'm proud to take Holly out in them.

The baby grows are all 100% soft cotton and come in a cute drawstring bag so they make a great gift. They all have integrated scratch mitts (I've noticed this is a lot more common now than it was 3 year's ago). And the best thing about the sleepsuits is that there are lots of other bits and bobs on sale at the Essential One that I can get to match them - hats, blankets, mittens, cardigans and bibs to finish off the outfit!

Holly has also tried out her baby sleeping bag although we haven't let her spend the night in it yet as she isn't big enough (10lbs is the recommendation to ensure their head doesn't pop down into the bag as they sleep). We couldn't resist trying it out though as it looks soooooo comfy.

Holly's is a velour sleeping bag with cute animals on - it is soft jersey inside and it zips up all the way around and popper over the shoulders. We found it dead easy to put on her and, having never used a sleeping bag with Lara, we are excited about using it on Holly when she gets a little larger.
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