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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Baby Button is on its way!

Labour has started.  Consider this my apology for the fact that the blog posts over the next few days are all pre-written or guest posts!

We have just sat down to what I assume will be our last meal as a mellow family with just the three of us.  Next time, there will be one more mellow family member!

I *think* my waters broke at about 11am today.  To be honest, I wasn't really sure. Having had a urine infection and knowing the pressure of the baby on my bladder, it wouldn't have surprised me if the weird trickling sensation I felt all afternoon as urine but something just felt different, like it wasn't going to stop.

I rang Mr. B at about 4.30 to tell him my suspicions and he rushed straight home (he didn't need to, I was very chilled at this point).

My contractions started just after 6pm.  I still wasn't 100% certain at this point because I've been feeling twinges for weeks.  Only after about 5 of them was I convinced this was the start of labour.  We went out to pick up Lara from nursery and then started planning our evening.  I took a bath and some painkillers - the bath slowed things down a bit and the contractions became more erratic.

As I type, they are getting stronger but still haven't settled into a rhythm.  Sometimes they are as close as under two minutes apart and others are over 10 minutes.  So for now, I'm staying put and going to get the TENS machine out for if I need it... the pain seems to be very much at the front so not sure if it will help.

I shall of course, share the news when it finally happens but for now I'm signing off.
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