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Sunday 20 May 2012

Thomas & Friends Rescue on the Rails DVD Review

I know Lara isn't unusual as a little girl who enjoys watching Thomas & Friends. We have had at least one occasion where we simple COULD NOT leave a shop without the purchase of a new Thomas DVD and, having lost the argument with her, I am pleased to say that the DVD became one of her very most watched programmes! Lara has had a sneak preview of the latest Thomas &; Friends DVD - Rescue on the Rails which is released tomorrow.

thomas and friends rescue on the rails

As always, the episodes on the DVD have a good mixture of engine action along with important life lessons to be learned. The key message I came away with from watching Rescue on the Rails is that teamwork pays. The episodes all feature Sodor search and Rescue and for us, it was the first time that we had seen Flynn the Fire Engine who has to come to Thomas's rescue when his firebox catches alight.

Lara's favourite episode was where Gordon got derailed in the marshes and his friends had to pull together to lift him out. She really got quite wrapped up in the story and was urging the team to succeed!

For the first time, Lara also seemed to enjoy the non-animated sections of the DVD in between episodes. In this DVD, Mr. Pickles is preparing for a magic show. Perhaps it is a sign of Lara's age (she is nearly 3) that she is not only enjoying animation, but also acting.

Thomas & Friends, Rescue on the Rails is released by HIT entertainment tomorrow, 21st May on DVD for around £12.99. It lasts just under 1 hour.

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