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Wednesday 30 May 2012

Cooking With Children :: Fruity Meringue Nests Recipe

This is a dead simple recipe for cooking with children of all ages - it was inspired by the Dora Little Cooks Collection.

In the past I HAVE made my own meringue nests but I think meringue is a bit of an art to get right so I might leave Lara's first attempt at them for another day. This time we used a packet of ready-made meringue nests. You can usually find these in the area of the supermarket where you would find ice cream cones and toppings as well as custards and pie toppings. In our local supermarket they are stored above the frozen desserts.

First, choose your fruits of choice. I quite fancied a tropical fruit medley but Lara tends to enjoy berries more. As I've mentioned before, Lara is unstoppable when it comes to soft fruit.. especially blueberries. We chose to add some strawberries too. I chopped them up (Lara was feeling a bit under the weather as she had chicken pox at the time) and then let Lara loose on them.

Lara arranged the fruit inside the meringue nests and was very restrained until the end... only one or two ended up inside her tummy. It's a dead easy recipe but with a very enjoyable result. Mummy and Daddy ate the nests with cream.

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