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Saturday 12 May 2012

New Baby Cuteness Alert!

Holly is 10 days old already - bonkers huh! I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of her so far as a little bit of an indulgence.  You will notice that in pretty much all of these photos Holly is dressed in baby sleepsuits and baby grows from The Essential One who sent us some newborn essentials to review - I can't stress enough how much I rate their clothes, they're not expensive but they are incredible quality and over the past week or so they are all I've really wanted to dress her in.  Holly's snuggly blanket from The Essential One has also become my single favourite item of baby paraphenalia.

My first day on the planet

Wide awake and ready for action

sooooo peaceful

I WILL fit into my new outfit.  I WILL.

How am I already too long for this changing mat?

It's been a busy day


Two peas in a pod

THE snuggly blanket!!!

so grown up!

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