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Thursday 31 May 2012

Little Athletes - Getting Into the British Summer Spirit

If you are looking for a cute way of getting your little ones into the Great British spirit for Jubilee weekend then have a look out for the limited edition Pampers Active Fit disposable nappies in Tesco and ASDA which are adorned with red, white and blue!

The limited edition team GB Active Fit nappies with the infamous Dry Max technology I learned about in 2010 are part of the Pampers Little Athletes Campaign in the run up to the olympics. Backed by Mum and Marathon runner, Paula Radcliffe, the campaign is designed to highlight how active a baby or toddler really can be along with offering tips and ideas for building the spirit of play in little ones.

Pampers Village Parenting Panel baby development expert, Dr Maggie Redshaw, has lots of tips to help you develop your baby's love of play from a very young age. Simple bouncing on your lap and the encouragement of rolling, kicking and grasping is about as active as my 4-week-old Holly is up to right now, but as she grows older this year and we approach the Olympics, I will take on some of Maggie's tips for encouraging activity:-

  • Introduce a ride-on toy, which involves more balance and co-ordination skills using his whole body, hands and feet, as well as teaching him to pay attention to where he is going
  • Use outdoor spaces, which provide different surfaces and areas that slope up and down helping your baby to learn different ways to move – he may go back to crawling, slow down or move backwards
  • Create lower, softer surfaces for him to climb onto - like a big cushion or your lap
  • For first ball games, start with rolling a small, soft ball backwards and forwards on the floor
  • Walking babies love to run after balls. Try throwing or rolling a ball in a park or a long corridor to provide lots of fun and walking practice

To find out more about the Pampers Little Athlete campaign go to the Pampers UK & Ireland Facebook page.

Note: I received a pack of limited edition Pampers active fit for review.  We don't use a lot of disposable nappies in our house but Active Fit with Dry Max seemed to work well for us when out and about with Lara.
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