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Sunday 27 May 2012

Finebedding Children's Bedding Review

spundown childrens bed setLara decided, in the week's before Holly's birth that she wanted to be a big girl and dispense with her night time nappy - good for her! Night time toilet training has me worried - it took Lara a long time to master the art of day time toilet training (nearly a year from when she first expressed an interest in attempting it) so I don't expect this to be an easy ride. Thankfully, Lara is now the proud owner of a machine washable duvet and pillow set from

We had already invested in a number of waterproof sheets for Lara's bed but after our first attempt in March to  dispense with the nighttime nappy (which ended up in an accident less than an hour after bedtime), I knew we were going to need more than just sheets.  The spundown children's bed set from is a two-part set of bedding that can be washed frequently and in a normal washing machine - no need to tumble dry this duvet.  Yay!

The duvet and pillow set is really good quality - soft fabric on the outside but a nice firm filling in both the pillow and the duvet.  The pillow is really plump and has a breathable cotton covering.  The duvet is one of finebedding's "spundown" duvets (ours is a cotbed size but the set is also available in a single bed size).  The duvet has a very soft covering and is made from a compressible material which means you can squidge it into your washing machine easily.

spundown childrens duvetBoth the duvet and the pillow can be washed at 60 degrees in a washing machine which is the temperature at which dust mites are killed - a higher temperature wash is also ideal for getting rid of unpleasant odours and stains.

The cotbed and single duvet bedding sets are available in 4.5 tog or 7 tog rating.  I think Lara's must be the higher tog because it is quite phenomenally warm - she is always REALLY toasty underneath it.  Possibly a bit too warm for this time of year!

Currently Lara has about a 60% success rate at getting through the night without any accidents (this dropped a little while she had chicken pox) which means that our bedding set has seen the inside of the washing machine on numerous occasions.  It is doing well despite this and is still as good as new - I'm also surprised at how quickly it dries (we can wash it in the morning for it to be ready by bed time).

The children's cotbed set costs £35 from .
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