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Sunday 24 February 2013

Corolle Baby Doll Accessories Review

It has been a little while since we first met Lara's doll, Rosie.  Lara is a little doll tester for Petalina and Rosie, a Choquettes toddler doll by Corolle, came to live with us shortly before Christmas.


From day one, Lara wanted to mother Rosie!  She scrounged bottles and nappies from me so that she could look after her baby girl!  Lara was recently sent the Corolle Les Classique Baby Accessories Set so that she could look after Rosie until her heart's content.

The Corolle baby accessories set comes in a handy carry bag (a changing bag perhaps?) with a fleece blanket, dummy, milk bottle, spoon, bowl, bib, toothbrush and toothpaste, baby lotion and two disposible nappies all designed for use with dolls.  The set is specifically designed for Corolle's baby dolls but most of the items work well with any doll of any size (only the dummy wasn't suitable for Rosie but then she is supposed to be a toddler so shouldn't really need a soother at her age!!!).


Lara's imagination has really run wild since she got her accessories set.  I don't think she had considered feeding her toys before but since she got a bib, bowl and spoon for Rosie, all of her toys now eat meals regularly.  Mainly picnics though.  The set has also brought a renewed interest in her doll's pram which she received when she was about 18 months old and had barely used since.  Rosie quite often gets tucked up in her fleecy blanker in the pram with the changing bag tucked underneath the buggy... just like I do!

It is amazing how such a small set of accessories makes such a big difference in terms of role play for Lara and so I've been browsing the large range of other doll's accessories on the Petalina website for further inspiration.  The toothbrush alone has proved a hit.  If you've watched our Toothbrushing Tips video then you will know that one of the things we recently tried to get Lara to brush her teeth was to encourage her to teach her own toys how to brush their teeth and this little toy toothbrush and toothpaste is perfect for that.

Now the only problem we have is that Holly thinks that some of Rosie's belongings are hers!

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