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Sunday 10 February 2013

Disney Store Brave Fancy Dress Costume Review

Lara LOVES dressing up. So much so that I recently bought her a hanging rail for all her different outfits. She likes to wear them in and out of the house and ALWAYS to people's parties! At Christmas Lara watched Brave for the first time and she was so excited when the Disney Store sent her a Princess Merida turquoise costume dress to indulge her!

In my experience, lots of fancy dress costumes for kids are made from cheap materials and poorly made - really only designed for a single use. This Disney Store princess Merida dress is really quite different... OK, so the fabrics are still thin but they are well-sewn and have no threads dangling from them. The dress is well tailored and in fact it also has a hooped skirt to make it sit nicely (in a very princessly manner) when it is worn. There are gold patterns printed around the trim as well as plastic jewels along the front of the dress. I think that at £30 it is considerably better value than any other fancy dress item I've bought for Lara before, even though it is probably the most expensive. The dress came on a disney-branded padded coat hanger which made it feel especially luxurious to us.

Lara was a little disappointed that the dress didn't come with a crown or any accessories although these can be bought from the Disney Store website. I personally think that Lara needs to finish off the outfit with a bright orange head of curls just like the princess in Brave... and guess what, the Disney Store even sell one of those!

Lara's dress isn't personalised but if you buy online you can pay a small amount extra to have your dress personalised with a sash that has your child's name printed on it. It think that's a great touch that would make a fab birthday present.
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