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Sunday 17 February 2013

Polarn O. Pyret Spring / Summer Kids Clothing

Polarn O. Pyret are a scandanavian children's clothes website whose clothes we have tried before - they really have been some of my favourite clothes for my girls this winter and so I was excited when they sent Lara and Holly an item each from their new spring and summer range.

Holly was sent a gorgeous long-sleeved top which is like a mini rugby top for babies!  It is made from a really soft and stretchy cotton in a tunic style so it hangs nice and low over her squidgy bottom. 

As with all the Polarn O. Pyret clothes we have tried, the little details make it something very special; all the hems are over-sewn and bound so that they don't rub and the collar is made from a soft jersey so that it sits flat and doesn't flap up around her chin.  Because the fabric is quite thin and stretchy it will be perfect all summer.  This is currently one of my favourite items of clothing in Holly's wardrobe and because it can be washed at 60 degrees, I know that I can get most stains out of it.

Lara's knee-length dress is also a winner for both me and her.  It is available in baby sizes and girls sizes in a couple of different colours (there are also other co-ordinating items on the Polarn O. Pyret website too).  Lara'as dress is a cotton and elastane mix which means it stretches well and hangs beautifully.  To me this is an every day outfit which suits Lara down to a T.  From experience I would say that Polarn O. Pyret's kids clothes come up on the large size... I had been worried at an age 3-4 dress might be a bit small on her as she is still very tall for her age but in fact this dress was slightly large for her and I expect it to last her through the summer.

Lara's dress costs £19.50 and Holly's top costs £16.50.  I fully expect these to be their most frequently worn items of clothing over the coming months.

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