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Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Happiest Baby In The World?

In the weeks following Lara's birth people used to comment on how mellow I was as a mummy - hence the blog name! These days one of the most common things for people to say to me is how I have the 'happiest baby in the world'. In fact, last week there was one day when two separate staff members at nursery told me that (a) Lara was the happiest child in her class and (b) Holly was the happiest baby they had ever met! This makes me very proud.

The fact that my two girls are content with life means I'm doing my job well. I must admit that the comments about Lara surprised me because she is going through another demanding stage. But as for Holly, well, perhaps she is the happiest baby? Who knows?

This weekend Holly caught the flu and yet she still smiled and laughed enough that a complete stranger (an older gentleman, no less!) came and told me that she was 'the happiest baby in the world'!!!

I will admit that Holly is certainly a very smiley baby. Holly rarely cries. In the last 10 months I would say that Holly has only cried when she is EXTREMELY hungry, suffering with a temperature (over 40 degrees this weekend) or if she accidentally hurts herself while exploring. Any other occasions, Holly wimpers once or twice then realises that life is carrying on and gets back to what she was doing. Looking after Holly when she is in a mellow mood is a breeze compared to Lara (and Lara was never a difficult baby either).

I am absolutely certain that Holly's mellowness is directly linked to my mellowness. Relaxed and happy mummy = relaxed and happy baby. And, when I really think about it, I trace this all back to childbirth. Holly's birth was relaxed and happy. Recovery was quick and easy. Compared to Lara's long, drawn-out labour and 3-7 month recovery period, Holly was sooooo easy and this has set us both off with a great start. To me, this has really highlighted how important a positive birth experience is to your emotional wellbeing and therefore that of your baby.

I'm sure that there are other contributing factors... a smiley happy big sister, a healthy and varied diet and an encouragement from both me and Mr. B. to get involved, socially, with adults and children alike.

I really truely hope that Holly stays such a happy, mellow soul. My only really concern at present is Holly's naughty behaviour which is far more like that of a toddler than an infant - calculated and crafty naughtiness could strain our relationship from early on but right now I'm trying to stay positive about that too.
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