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Monday 11 February 2013

All Loved Up...

This weekend we had a girls day; just me, Holly and Lara chilling out at home together. Having been back at work full time for three weeks now, it felt good to be spending some quality time with just me and my baby girls. Weirdly enough though, I felt a bit like the odd one out because there was so much sibling love going on. Holly and Lara are really starting to bond now and beginning to play together.

Now that Holly is 9 months old she is very very nearly walking and can follow her sister around the house, sometimes holding her hand. Lara loves the attention and I can now trust her to sit down and play with her little sister. This weekend there was lots of singing and dancing and Holly thought her big sister was A-MAZE-ING. Holly only has eyes for her big sister right now.

As a celebration of all this sibling love, I thought I'd dress the girls in their new matching valentine's day outfits from Mothercare. Mothercare sent them both a dress from the Baby K range of clothing for babies and children. They look more than a little bit gorgeous!

This week on Valentines day our nursery are having a charity dress-up day when the children are invited to wear red or pink outfits and I think these two gorgeous outfits are just the ticket! the Baby K range are inspired by Myleene Klass and are available from newborn through to 5 years old. Lara's statement dress costs £25-£27 and has a heart-shaped cut-out at the back and bows on each shoulder. I think the thin red belt makes her outfit look very Parisian!


Holly's co-ordinating outfit features a soft cotton puffed dress with red flowers embroidered on the front. It comes with a pair of black leggings with red trim and the whole outfit costs £14. I think the two of them look like partners in crime!

Mothercare spared a thought for me too - this fun long sleeved t-shirt (a bargain at £2.50) made my weekend.

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