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Sunday 24 February 2013

Leapfrog My Pal Violet Review

This Christmas Holly was given a My Pal Violet interactive toy from Leapfrog. We had owned Violet a few weeks before I first connected the toy to my computer and personalised it with her name, her favourite colour (pink), her favourite food (brussel sprouts) and a few children's songs of her choice. Once Violet knew Holly's name, the very first time Holly heard her new toy say "Holly", my baby girl's eyes light up and an enormous beaming smile took over her face. That moment of recognition was priceless for me and I think I will remember it forever. Holly knew that her My Pal Violet was hers and was talking TO her!

My Pal Violet and My Pal Scout are interactive toys from Leapfrog. It is suitable from about 6 months old until around 3 years old. Violet has a large number of phrases and interactions that are triggered by pressing her paws. One paw plays games such as "I'm thinking of something orange... can you guess what it is?", one paw plays fun music and another plays 2, 5 or 10 minutes of soothing bedtime music. Violet has a collar that lights up with different colours which seems to fascinate Holly.

At Holly's current age (9 months), she most enjoys just listening to My Pal Violet's voice and tunes and waving her wildly around the room. As Holly grows older I expect her to enjoy the counting and colours games and for us to occasionally go online to try and change the music.

My Pal Violet is the same good quality that I would expect from any Leapfrog toy. I've found the battery life good (we haven't had to change them yet) and I'm happy that Violet's voice is British. I also like the fact that Violet is a recognisable character now for Holly and that she sees comfort in a little friend who she recognises from a number of her other Leapfrog toys.


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