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Sunday 3 February 2013

Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Balm Review

Sleep isn't something that Lara ever struggled with as a baby, but Holly is different. Only this week did we have our first ever undisturbed night's sleep. Until very recently, Holly refused a dummy so we used to struggle to send her off to sleep and would let her settle herself in our arms before transferring her into the cot. The Baby Sleep Tight Balm from Cussons Mum & Me is part of a range of baby products designed to help encourage a peaceful sleep and to become part of your baby;s bedtime routine.

The Baby Sleep Tight Balm is a small 20ml tin of fragranced oil-based balm designed to be gently rubbed into your baby's temples before bedtime. The combination of oils and fragrances has been chosen to relax. It isn't really designed for all-body baby massage but is great for applying in very small amounts to the forehead, or to the wrists and ankles.

Holly is always more mellow at bedtime when we have had chance for a little bit of massage but these days she is always on the move so we rarely find time, the Sleep Tight Balm is great because I only need to apply it quickly to a small number of places. I love the smell of it and in fact I've used it on myself more than I've used it on Holly!!! It is a gentle aromatic fragrance, based largely on chammomile.

The oil of the balm is a mixture of olive oil and castor oil which are both great for baby's skin.

Holly has been unwell for over half of the time we've spent using the Mum and Me balm so it has been hard to test its effectiveness as soothing her to sleep (snot and a sore throat are not conducive to a good night's sleep!) but I have already found that just the simple act of applying it is calming for both her and for me.

Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Balm costs around. £3.49.

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