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Thursday 10 October 2013

A Little Goodnight Book Review

A Little Goodnight Book is a very cute little gift book that comes in a beautiful presentation box complete with a soft taggy puppy.  A Little Goodnight Book is part of the Little Learners range from Parragon books which are designed for children from birth upwards.

Holly took instantly to the taggy puppy.  "Dog" is one of her favourite words (second only to "cat", I reckon).  A Little Goodnight Book is a small board book whose gentle rhyme serves as a bedtime lullaby.  When Mr. B or I read it, we can't help but read it in a slow and rhythmic manner. 

The story is designed to re-enforce the bedtime routine from the first signs of sleepiness, to the music of a lullaby, the twinkly stars and the bedtime cuddles.  The illustrations are bold and cute.  They are not textured pages but each page has a good range of colours and images of different textures.

It is a very short book (4 double pages) but I think that A Little Goodnight Book would make a beautiful gift for a new parent or for a small child as a birthday or Christmas present.
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