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Monday 28 October 2013

Little Letters

I find it quite hard to keep up with Lara's thirst for craft activities which is why, as a working mum, a regular subscription to a service such as the Little Letter Company works really well. Lara recently tried out the weekly Little Letters subscription and I was so impressed that I have now asked family members to consider a regular subscription for Lara as one of her Christmas presents.

Lara and I have tried regular 'activity' subscriptions in the past and I think they are perfect for families who either don't have access to craft materials or to the inspiration required to provide regular crafty ideas for kids but in the past I have questioned the value for money in terms of craft materials. I'm not sure Lara fits into either of the categories above but I still felt that the Little Letter company was right for us.

For each week of your subscription, your child receives their own brightly coloured envelope in the post with a single fun crafty activity for the week. Lara REALLY loved the fact that her letters were addressed to her and by the third week of her subscription she was actively looking forward to the post arriving.

Lara's Little Letters arrived on a Monday and her first two activities were complete within 48 hours of receiving her letter. Lara's first challenge was the weave her own placemat from foam strips and then decorate them using acorns and oak leaves sticky foam pieces. This required quite a lot of coaching from me but Lara enjoyed the challenge and was very proud when her masterpiece was complete. Her placemat pieces were accompanied by instructions and a letter with inspiration for further learning and exploring activities such as searching for things around the house which are 'under' or 'over'.

Week two was perfectly timed to arrive as a life-saving activity for Mr. B! I was abroad when Lara fell and hurt her head at school. Mr. B picked her up from school and was worrying about how to entertain her for the rest of the day but when they arrived home together they found Lara's letter waiting for her. Inside they found the wherewithal to create this forest scene which now has pride of place in our hallway.

Lara's final activity was to create an autumnal tree using foam pieces. For Lara this is still work in progress but having spent weekend enjoying all the fallen leaves, Lara is feeling inspired to finish off her creation.

Little Letters cost between £2 and £2.50 per week, depending on how long you subscribe for.  I would say that they could be bi-weekly and still offer as much fun and anticipation.  I would also hope that in a longer subscription that there would be some different materials to experiment with - foam pieces are fun, easy and durable but craft activities for kids can cover so much more.

Little Letters are currently offering some Christmas craft subscriptions which include the kit to make a Christmas card in December followed by a series of regular little letters in the new year - this would make an awesome Christmas gift for the little person in your life.

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