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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Fisher Price Cheerin' Minnie Mouse Review

Master Moves Mickey was such a massive hit with the girls last year and with everyone who has come to visit since so we were really excited to hear about the new Cheerin' Minnie toy from Fisher Price. Cheerin' Minnie is a pom-pom waving, ditty-singing character who has brought a little bit of happiness to our lives and the girls both love her to bits!

Running around with Cheerin Minnie Mouse
Running around with Cheerin Minnie Mouse

Cheerin' Minnie is suitable for children of around 2 years upwards. Holly is a little younger than this at 17 months old but she loves Minnie mouse so much. When Holly gets home each evening she rushes into the living room to go and press the button on Minnie's bright pink high heels to make her start dancing.

Minnie is a little over a foot tall, she has a pink spotty dress and pink and white cheerleader pom poms. When you press the button she says or sings one of about 12 different songs or phrases and waves her pom poms in the air.  Our favourite routine is when Minnie Mouse sings "Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind" - Lara thinks this is very fun.

Fisher Price Cheerin Minnie Mouse

Minnie's body and face are quite hard and static, I think it is a shame her expression doesn't change.  Her movement is also quite limited, just her arms move and her legs wiggle to make her move a little from side to side.  I would say that, compared to Master Moves Mickey she is quite tame but because she is Minnie with her pink bows and spots, the girls love her.

Cheerin' Minnie costs between £39.99 and £49.99 and is available online from several retailers including Smyths and Amazon.

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