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Saturday 5 October 2013

Winnie the Pooh Stack, Pour, Post ‘n’ Play Review

Holly is really enjoying playing with toys right now.  OK, her attention span is still short but she loves to move from one toy to another in our living room to explore everything she can achieve with each of them.  The new Winnie the Pooh Stack Pour Post 'n' Play toy from Tomy is perfect for Holly because it offers lots of different forms of play to keep her entertained and to challenge her. 
Playing with the Tomy Winnie the Pooh Stack Pour Post 'n' Play

This toy is pretty clever actually! It comprises a set of 5 stacking cups which each have different shapes cut in their bases so that you can use them in the bath or in a water tray as pouring cups.  The two largest cups screw together and you place the yellow 'honey' lid on to turn it into a shape sorter.  Three toys in one!

I think this toy is such a brilliant idea and it does all three of it's things well. Really my only disappointment is that there aren't more shape in the shape sorter so as Holy grows older the sense of achievement will be short-lived as there are only three shapes to sort (it also means that I have to regularly unscrew it for her to empty the shapes out!!!).

The cups from the Tomy Winnie the Pooh Stack Pour Post 'n' Play stack really well (experience tells me this isn't always true of stacking cups) and despite her little hands and current lack of co-ordination Holly manages to stack them herself and then enjoys knocking over her own towers!  I love the bright colours and the Winnie the Pooh patterns definitely appeal to Holly as she already recognises the characters. The honey pot lid for the shape sorter looks awesome and really finishes off the Winnie the Pooh effect but I find it quite tricky to get on and off the largest cup (maybe I'm not supposed to take it off???)


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