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Tuesday 22 October 2013

SmART Attack - Getting Crafty with Shredded Paper

This weekend Mr. B shredded two year's worth of financial documents in our Fellowes document shredder - a good habit to get in to if you want to help try and protect your identity.  Two years worth of finances is quite some volume of shreddings and seeing as we don't have a pet who can make good use of the shredded paper, I decided to let the girls loose on the shredded paper and take part in the Fellowes smART Attack challenge.

The Fellowes UK Google + page has a series of short videos with ideas of crafts to do with children using shredded paper such as papier mache, bracelets, wands, monsters and flowers.  I think their videos are brilliant - step by step but nice and concise.

The girls had great fun helping Daddy to shred all of his papers - with our Fellowes shredder I'm happy for them to get involved because it has a sensor which automatically cuts off the shredder if it detects little fingers coming close and Holly put it to the test a number of times!  Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) all of Mr. B's papers were white so I was presented with the challenge of arty activities which involved just white paper.

Holly made a shredded snowman and a shredded snowflake.  White shredded paper works really well against a bold background colour.

To make these Christmas crafts we used:-

Black and red thick paper or card
PVA glue and a paintbrush or spreader
Glittery pom poms
Small pieces of cut-up pipe cleaners
Coloured card

I painted the shape of the snowman and snowflake onto the card and Holly grabed handfuls of shredded paper and patted them down onto the paper.  She used the paintbrush herself to put glue onto the pom poms for the buttons and eyes on the snowman, and for the points of the snowflake.

We added a pipe-cleaner nose and I cut a hat from coloured card. Holly's eyes lit up when she realised that she had made a face!

Lara made a sheep which required quite a lot of artistic wizardry from me to make it sheep-like!  I think she would have been better off with a flock of smaller sheep.

Both girls had great fun getting crafty with shredded paper and I shall definitely be doing this again.  I can imagine Christmas wrapping paper making some great coloured shreds to play with.

Check out the Fellowes G+ page for more great crafty ideas - you NEED to know how to make a shredded paper moustache!
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