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Sunday 20 October 2013

Magicbed Portable Travel Cot Review

We have just got back from a weekend away in a hotel - the first of many hotel stays in the coming weeks. This weekend we put our new Magicbed travel cot to its first real test and I'm so glad we have it for the weeks ahead. At nearly 18 months old, Holly can be pretty active in her cot which can often be a bit hair-raising in a rickety traditional travel cot which is why, a couple of months ago, we tried a hotel visit without a cot... we regretted our decision immediately and spent most of the night trying to convince her to lie down and go to sleep in a bed. I think it will be some time before Holly is ready for a bed, which is why I am quite so pleased to have come across the Magicbed.

Magicbed lightweight travel cot in a hotel room
Magicbed lightweight travel cot in a hotel room

The Magicbed is a pop-up travel cot which takes a matter of seconds (and I mean less than 5 seconds) to put up and to collapse. It comes in its own zip-up travel case which has handles and a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry it along with your luggage. I have owned a popup travel cot in the past but this is something quite different. The Magicbed is the same size as a traditional travel cot (100cm x 60cm) but it rests on the floor. It is a one-piece cot so doesn't require any assembling other than placing the foldable mattress inside it.

When Lara was tiny, we owned a compact pop-up travel cot which I will admit was lighter and more compact than the Magicbed but which simply wasn't practical - we couldn't use it at all with Holly because she was always too mobile to sleep on the floor. The Magicbed works so much better because it is a traditional cot shape, size and height so your baby can't roll over in it or climb out. Holly tried her best to shake it and tip the Magicbed over this weekend but she simply couldn't budge it!

We placed our Magicbed in our car boot underneath all of our other luggage because it can lie flat. The bed folds flat by squishing each side of the cot down to the ground. You slot the mattress and the non-slip mattress cover into the bag and off you go. I was really pleased with the Magicbed mattress - most travel cot mattresses are lumpy, thin or uncomfortable where the folds are but this is nice and padded and the folds doesn't seem to be noticeable, due mainly to the fact that your baby doesn't sleep directly on it - the mattress fits into a pocket underneath the cot. The Magicbed is particularly cosy when you top it off with the super-soft cotton fleece sheet which sticks in place at the corners.

I think the Magicbed is a great balance between convenience and practicality.  Because it rests on the floor I think it is actually more stable than traditional chunky travel cots but I might worry about using it on a cold hard floor even with a nice thick mattress.  I think that ease of use is the factor which appeals to me most so, despite finding it a little bit bulky when carrying it (large but certainly not heavy!) I think the Magicbed is an awesome travel cot.

The Magicbed comes in a range of different colours, weighs just 3.4kg and I even available in a mini version for babies from 0-6 months (although I'd be happy to use the larger Magicbed for this age too).

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