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Thursday 3 October 2013

Gone Crabbing - Fun Seaside Themed Clothes, Homewares and Gifts

In August we took the girls down to Cornwall to introduce them to the joys of the British Coast.  Living in Berkshire, we don't often get the opportunity to breathe a sea breeze or make sandcastles on the beach so we really made the most of it while we were there with lots of trips to secluded little coves and stunning sea cliffs.  Lara discovered a passion for exploring rock pools for seaweed, molluscs and shellfish - the excitement when Lara caught her first shrimp brought a massive smile to my face.
While we were away I was really struck by the lack of quality souvenirs by the beaches.  Despite Lara's pestering for cheap inflatable toys we mainly managed to resist the tat - we did come home with a very faded pink 'fishing' net though!  Gone Crabbing is an online and boutique store who sell high quality homewares and souvenirs that celebrate the British seaside and when I first saw their "Rock Pools Rock" children's t-shirt design (from £9.99) I knew that it would make a brilliant holiday memento and a talking point with all of our friends and family.
Gone Crabbing have some awesome t-shirts and hooded tops for both children and adults - I particularly like their seagull designs that say "Give us a chip!".  I think all of their clothing would make great everyday wear or for fun gifts, or like us, for a memory of a holiday at the great British seaside.  All of the designs are bright, bold and with a hint of humour.
Gone Crabbing don't just sell clothing though - they've a fun range of homewares including oven gloves, aprons, coasters and mugs; many of them feature the same fun crab design as well as other seaside friends such as starfish, seagulls, jellyfish and shrimp.  Lara also received a small crab pin badge (£1) which, quite apart from being a fun holiday memento, would be BRILLIANT to put into  party bag of a seaside themed birthday party (I'm picturing this on Pinterest as I type!).

But for me, the absolute star of the Gone Crabbing range is their seaside-themed soaps.  This "Beauty on the Beach" soap (£3.99) comes wrapped in star fish paper and for me it brings back so many memories.  I haven't quite worked out how to broadcast smell through my blog, but if I could, I would.  The woodland bluebell scent mixed with the very traditional smell of good old-fashioned soap has reminded me just what life was like before hand gels and soap dispensers. All of Gone Crabbing's soaps are handmade in the UK using traditional methods - I love this soap.  I think it has converted me back to using bars of soaps.

You can find our more about Gone Grabbing on their website at and on facebook.
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