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Monday 21 October 2013

JD Sports Kids and Infant Trainers Review

I have felt a bit sorry for Holly when it comes to shoes - Lara wore her shoes for such short periods of time that they all became hand-me-downs for Holly to wear so we were very excited to be approached by JD Sports to review a pair of their infant trainers; It makes a change for Holly to have a pair of shoes all of her own!

The other thing I have really noticed as a second-time mummy is that I am a lot more mellow about measuring Holly's feet. With Lara, I used to rush to the shops strictly every 4 weeks to get her feet measured but with Holly it tends to be more of a gut feeling when she is ready for a new pair of shoes. This is probably bad of me because I know how delicate little bones are but it is partly a reflection of how much more in tune with tiny feet I am now than I was before.

I chose Holly these Nike Rift Infants Trainers because they looked like they would fit like a glove - and they do. These Nike trainers are quite unlike anything else I've seen. They have a firm toe area and sides but the foot is actually held in place across the top and back by a stretchy fabric which can stretch to exactly fit your child's foot. The end of these Nike infant trainers has a harder toe area to protect against scraping.

I am a big fan of easy-fasten shoes for children (buckles and laces seem so impractical at this age) and these Rift trainers have a Velcro-style fastening across the top and across the back to allow you to get them tightened up just right. At first I think I was making them a bit too tight for Holly's feet as I could see marks on her feet after she had taken them off. Now though, I'm finding them perfect because I can get them just right.

Holly is going through the stage of removing her shoes at EVERY opportunity.  I remember Lara going through this stage so I know it is short-lived but my goodness, it's frustrating!  When Holly isn't sitting down in her buggy or car seat she forgets about shoe removal and runs... she runs and runs.  Hours before writing this blog post I witnessed Holly run the full length of a superstore about 8 times while wearing her new Nike trainers and I struggled to keep up.  I've a funny feeling Holly may run for Britain when she is older. 

The Nike Rift is available in this white and fuschia pink design or in white and grey - I think the design of shoe would suit a girl or a boy.  They are available in infant sizes 4.5 to 9.5 and cost £25.  This is cheaper than many of the trainers I nought on the high street for Lara when she is younger so I think JD sports offer very good value for the quality of their infant trainers.
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