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Sunday 19 January 2014

Blog Swap :: Journeys are my diary

Today's Blog Swap is with Bel of Journeys Are My Diary who is setting herself a lot of challenges for new beginnings in 2014. Please go and visit her blog, if only for the awesome-sounding Chewy Chocolate Cookies recipe!

Mellow Mummy New Beginnings Blog Swap

For the last year or so, my life feels like its been chock-full of new beginnings. 

Having been a single mum for 3 years, it came very much as a surprise to meet a new man and fall in love again. This in itself was a huge new beginning, a complete re-adjustment to life (and to that of my kids) and even a complication to some extent. 

This change was shortly followed by going back to work after almost 5 years of not working. I had been a stay-at-home mum for the whole time since having my youngest daughter who is now almost 6. 
Another change came only a few months later when we uprooted from a village we'd lived in the whole of my youngest daughter's life and the majority of my eldest daughter's life. We moved only twenty minutes away but to a town we had never really considering living in before then.

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Finally came 2014 and the beginning of a new year. That moment when you promise yourself that things will be different this year, that things will be better. You start with a clean slate and hope to enjoy an amazing year to come.

My new beginning now, is really myself. I've decided to look at things far more positively, to get organised both with small everyday things, as well as larger more permenant things. I've gotten off my bum and sorted out debt that was hanging over me, while at the same time throwing around the hoover and keeping on top of my house. I've divided my life into categories almost, aims and goals within each ones. I've promised myself to keep in touch with friends more, to make more effort with my blog, to lose some weight and eat better, to start saving instead of spending, to read more, to stress less and so on and so on.

Over this year I want a lot more new beginnings. I'd like to say "I've started a new business and now I work from home". I'd like to say "I've stopped spending and started saving. I have enough money to take my family to Rome". I'd like to say "I've managed to lose over 2 stone and keep it off! This is the new me". 

New beginings come along every day. Sometimes they are things we can control and other times they're not. The new year is a perfect time to start over and change the things in life that need changing. 

However any day is a good day to make a new beginning.

So what are you waiting for? What will you change today?
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