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Thursday 30 January 2014

Bunny Loves To Play - Board Book Review

Bunny Loves to Play is a cute little board book with built-in fluffy finger puppet for tiny tots.

There are lots of games that Bunny likes to play - dress-up, hide and seek, splashing...

...I've enjoyed reading this little board book to Holly because we can now try and talk to each other about the games she can see the rabbit playing.  Rabbit is a new word for Holly and I love it when she says "wwwwabbbit".

At 20 months old, Holly still seems to enjoy the funny, tickly games that I can play with her with a finger puppet and she will grab the rabbit's face when I read.  Bunny Loves to play is a short board book with just six double-page spreads.  It is also a compact book and would work well as a book to take with you in your changing book.

Bunny Loves to Play costs around £3.99 and is part of Parragon's range of finger puppet board books.  I'd recommend these books from birth to around 2 years old.

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