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Tuesday 7 January 2014

Disney on Ice Review

This weekend I took the girls to see Disney on Ice - Dare to Dream. This year's Disney on Ice festive extravaganza.  I really wish I could have captured the look of awe on both Lara and Holly's face when the show started it went a bit like "Oh my goodness, there is actual Mickey Mouse and actual Minnie Mouse skating on an ice rink".

Both girls had an amazing time; I think they were in the minority in that we hadn't dressed them up in Disney princess costumes!  Lara sat on the edge of her seat for the entire Dare to Dream show.  She clapped, and shouted and loved every minute.  Even Holly got into the swing of things and could be seen bopping and clapping along to the music.

I thought the story telling in Disney on Ice was brilliant.  We saw the skaters perform part of Princess and the Frog, Snow White and quite a bit of the Cinderella story with characters true to their Disney representations.  Much of the second half of the show was a re-telling of the Tangled story of Rapunzel which is Lara's all time favourite movie.  The effects were amazing and even I was left gobsmacked by the ice-skating rope trapeze antics of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in the ribbons of dangling hair.

For both me and Lara the finale was the most impressive as all of the Disney princesses featured alongside Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.  It was all very sparkly and fun.

I was very impressed by Disney on Ice - I felt the tickets represented very good value for money, especially compared to panto.  I was a bit disappointed in the pricing of the Disney merchandise on offer though... the Disney food products were, quite honestly, extortionate but if you looked hard among the sparkly things and soft toys you could find a good memento such as a T-Shirt.

I was certainly impressed enough with the show to be quite excited when someone handed me a leaflet about next Christmas' Disney on Ice show which will be celebrating 100 years of Magic.  I'm also excited about the Easter show - Disney on Ice presents World of Fantasy because it features some of Lara's favourite non-princess characters such as Toy Story, Cars and Tinkerbell so I think it will be a bit less overwhelmingly girly.
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