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Thursday 23 January 2014

Blog Swap :: U Me and the Kids

Today's "New Beginnings' Blog Swap is by Rachel Hirst of

Last year was the year for new beginnings in the Hirst Household.

The first change happened when my husband completely changed his career and decided to become a Police officer. Now do not get me wrong I know the basics of what a police officer does, but I do forget sometimes the danger he faces every day when he goes to work.

I must admit he has changed slightly since joing the force, he has become more tired as he has struggled with new shift patterns and learning so many new skills. Thankfully, things have calmed down now but for about 6 months last year, there were so many days that he really wound me up, he gets grumpy when he is tired.

If dealing with a moody husband wasn’t enough to test me, I had to cut the apron strings as my son left high school with amazing results I should add and made me a very proud mum. He started college in September and I found it hard letting him out into the big wide world!

I was stressing out that he would be mugged traveling to and from college as he has to take very expensive kit with him.

If I was not worried enough, On day one as he was leaving college walking through the city centre he was asked if he had the time by some random man, he gave the man the time who then swiftly offered to sell him drugs. I felt utter disgust that drug pushers would target young 16year olds. I was very pleased my son felt he could openly talk to me about this.

I am a natural worrier so when my youngest left primary school to go to high school for the very first time, I was worried he wouldn’t fit in, get bullied or just be frightened.

I also mourned the fact I would never attend a Christmas nativity again, no sports day to cheer my little one on at and that I would never do the walk to school again!

As you can imagine I did shed quite a few tears in September, Only when I was alone of course.

The only person in the household that did not have a new beginning was me. I was still here cooking the tea, ironing the clothes and just trying to be the best mum and wife I could possibly be. Here to support all there new beginnings and I would not have had it any other way.

I love the fact that I can be here for them and celebrate all the new and exciting things there new starts will bring them.

As for 2014… I do not want any more changes, no little surprises just for all three of my boys to keep making me so proud and for them to know I am here for them, moods and all!

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