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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Blog Swap :: Life, Ninja Killer Cat and Everything Else

Today's Blog Swap comes from the very awesome Claire at Life, Ninja Killer Cat and Everything Else.  She is blogging about a Frugal start to the year.

Mellow Mummy New Beginnings Blog Swap

Frugality it's not a ugly word.

Frugality doesn't mean boring.

Luxury can be born out of frugality

The period after Christmas can, dare I say it, leave somewhat of a lull , it can leave you staring in the ether . The children can be climbing the walls and you are not sure , but you think the mince pies are duplicating themselves because surely you should have run out by now?

We love going away as a family but it can be expensive , so what we do is sell things that we no longer need or want in order to go away . This time we sold a games console of J's for £149 to fund this latest trip to Bath ( don't worry he does get the profits mostly from what he sells !)

Bath is a luxurious city that are many types of accommodation on offer but we plumped for a Premier Travel Inn . If you look ahead you can get even better deals but with an impromptu visit you don't always get that, for our stay it was £104 including breakfast . It cost us about £32 to get into the Roman Baths and it was fantastic somewhere I definitely want to go back to perhaps this time at a luxury hotel ; that's going  to require some serious selling and planning . It's worth selling your items and putting the money aside for occasional treats like this , it helps with the monotony of life.

So what occasional luxury do you want to start planning for ?
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