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Friday 3 January 2014

Koo-di Bathtime Ideas

Koo-di are a brand whose guiding principle is making parents lives easier - exactly the same as the Mellow mummy mantra!  The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat totally embodies that goal - my knees say thank-you!

The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat is designed for parents as a handy aid for while you are bathing your baby or child in the family bath.  With two children, we usually share the load with one of us sitting by the bath on the toilet and the other one making do with the hard cold bathroom floor.  We did once try a kneel mat but the fabric perished and we found it got in the way for the rest of the day but Koo-di have tackled both of these things in their brightly coloured kneel mat.

The Koo-di Kneel Mat has a handy hanging hook at the top so, after use, I simply hang it up on the back of the bathroom door handle and it is tucked away until the next time we need it.  The material is a firm anti-slip foam-type shock-absorbing plastic that is pthalate free so safe for use around babies.  We found the parent mat to be very quick drying (for when your 4 year old decides to dump an entire bucket of water over the edge of the bath) and I'm really pleased with this product, it certainly does help make bathtimes easier when you are more comfortable yourself.

Over our taps we have a Koo-di bath tap protector.  I have wanted one of these ever since I first became a mum but I'd never previously been able to find one big enough to go all the way over our mixer tap; the Koo-di tap protector has a really big push-in aperture so it should fit on a wide range of bath fittings.

The Koo-di Bath Tap Protector performs three functions.  Most importantly to me is to protect against scalding - Holly has a tendency to reach up to the tap and I always worry that it will still hold residual heat and has the potential to scald badly.  Secondly, it helps protect against bumps or sore eyes... why do toddlers insist on walking around in the bath???  Finally, the Koo-di Tap Protector changes colour as you run the bath water to tell you whether the tap (and the water coming from it) is too hot but I normally tend to trust my own judgement on the water so I find it more useful if it can tell me that the tap is hot.

Mr. B. prefers to put the Koo-di tap protector on after he has run the bath as he has found that if you place it just ever so slightly off the centre of the tap head that water flows into the cover and comes out of the back.  Maybe I just have the knack of getting it 'just right' because this has never happened to me yet.

The bright colours of the Koo-di tap protector are in keeping with the rest of the Koo-di brand but they make the cover look like a toy and Holly and Lara both try to pull it off the tap and play with it by filling it up with water and pouring it out through the holes - rather defeating the point of the product!

And after Holly has emerged from her bath I can wrap her up in this SUPER soft (the softest I've ever come across) snuggly polka dot blanket - perfect for snuggling tiny babies or for use as a play mat.

The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat costs £12.99 and the Koo-di Tap Protector costs £9.99. The Polka dot blanket costs around £21.

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