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Saturday 25 January 2014

Valentines Day Cake

This is what I spent my afternoon doing!

Valentines Day Cake

I have been wanting to use the sugarcraft skills I learned last year and at last I found an excuse - a Valentines Day Cake.  Weekends on which I have enough free hours to spend the entire afternoon baking don't come around very often so I pounced on the opportunity, even though it is a bit early for Valentines day.  Think of this more as an un - Valentines day cake.

While Lara and Holly both napped for the afternoon, I baked, iced, coated and shaped.  I sourced my dark belgian chocolate curls from ebay, along with some delicate pre-coloured sugar craft paste.  The heart cake mould is one I got free from Lara's Dora the Explorer cookery subscription - I used it to make a three-tiered sponge filled and coated with bright pink buttercream.

The time consuming part was hand-crafting 12 sugar roses.  Especially tricky because Holly, once she woke, wanted to help me.  She had her first attempt at sugar roses today too!

The only trouble with this Valentines day cake is that it is too pretty for Mr. B. to cut into.
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