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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Dreambaby® Nightlights Review

I've been trying out a couple of different nightlights for the girls in their bedroom and on the landing.  Holly is now fully out of nappies, even at night, and she is able to wake herself up and head to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I'm always worried that she bumps into things and loses her way - I've been keen to help her find her way, so that I don't have to go and rescue her in the wee hours!

Dreambaby® sent us a couple of their children's nightlights to try out - one is designed for use as a soothing bedtime lamp and can live on a bedside table.  The other is a movement-sensitive light that can automatically switch on and off when needed.

This fun ladybird battery operated nightlight is wire-free and provides a gentle soft light in Holly's bedroom as she falls asleep.  It has LED bulbs which cast a nice white light out of the sides, and a soft red glow from the top without generating noticeable heat.  

There is a chunky button on the ladybug's back that you press to start the light and, if you don't switch it off beforehand, it will automatically switch off after 30 minutes.  It holds three AAA batteries which are well stored away so the lamp is entirely safe to leave alone with a child from 1 year upwards.  Holly is very keen on on this nightlight and insists on me leaving it on, next to her when I leave her room at night.  I haven't yet noticed her use it at any other time of night.  The ladybug light costs around £12.99 and is available from

Next up is this nifty Movement Sensor Nightlight which I have placed in our hallway to help light the way when one of the girls gets up to go to the toilet during the night.  On the front of the light there is a PIR movement sensor which switches the light on when it triggers - I've found that we have to get quite close to it to cause the sensor to trip.  It is more effective if you place it higher up the wall (mine currently stands on top of my radiator which is about half way up the wall).  The light has holes on the back to help hang it from a hook or screw - which I shall do in due course.

The light is brilliant though, for such a small device(its about 10cm wide by 15 high) it casts a really bright glow and it more than lights the way.  This Dreambaby® movement-sensing nightlight is an interesting shape and features a small butterfly design along the front.  I think it would be perfect for use in a nursery to cast a crisp, but not overpowering light as you enter the room so that you don't have to struggle to find a switch each time you attend to your baby.  It costs about £14.85.

You can find out more about Dreambaby® on Facebook and Youtube.
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