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Sunday 19 July 2015

Laser Pegs Construction Toy Review

Lara is very much into construction toys at present.  Almost every weekend is spent building new creations from bricks, creating, destroying and then building again.

Laser Pegs are an exciting construction toy with a bit of a difference...the bricks light up.  Using connectors to a power base, you can make your creations light up or flash.  Lara was sent a Laser Pegs Racing Car Kit to review and threw herself into creating it.

The bricks in the Laser Pegs set are very similar to those in other construction toys, and in fact, you can join them together with your existing bricks to help bring a new dimension to your traditional bricks.  Most of the Laser Pegs bricks are translucent in bright colours to really allow them to dazzle when the lights shine through them.  The kit contains a number of special Laser Peg blocks which connect together to allow the electric current to pass through and light up the bulbs inside - these blocks are very easy to slot together but I found the more traditional bricks to be hard to squeeze together.

Lara enjoyed the change in this set and liked slotting the larger pieces together but she was totally blown away when she first plugged the car into the triangle power base and saw it light up.  A single button allows you to switch to different flashing modes.

Lara's Laser Pegs kit claims to allow to construct 12 different models but it only provides instructions (very easy to follow instructions) for one of them and pictures for the rest. You can download the instructions for the other models online using the QR code from the box.

Laser Pegs

The lights on the Laser Pegs car kit look most impressive in the dark but its still pretty fun during the day. I'm looking forward to seeing how Lara gets creative when combining the pieces with her existing construction bricks to make her own creations.

Laser Pegs kits are available in a number of different designs and cost from £14.99; they are suitable from 5 years upwards.

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