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Thursday 30 July 2015

Squeaky Jumpers Review

Holly is growing faster than I care to acknowledge.  Within the space of the last two months, Holly has magically transformed from a boisterous toddler to a talkative, tall young girl.  Holly is such a fun, smiley young girl with a cheeky streak and this beautiful brightly coloured sweatshirt from Squeaky Jumpers is a perfect match for her - it has its own cheeky little surprise as well.

Inside Holly's children's sweatshirt, one of the frogs is backed by a squeaker!  Sealed safely inside the fabric of the jumper, the squeaker has already provided so much fun - it certainly takes strangers by surprise!

Squeaky Jumpers are fun, novelty sweatshirts designed and made in the UK - the best thing is that they aren't just for kids!  Squeaky Jumpers make squeaky animal sweatshirts for men and women too.  Each jumper features a bold animal print such as frogs, dogs and pigs; on each design one of the prints is backed by the squeaker.

Holly thinks that this jumper is the business.  She loves it, and, as you can see, she's a bit of a poser in it.  This makes me ecstatic because, in recent times, Holly has actively refused a jumper or cardigan of any sort.  I think that the fleecy inside of the jumper helps because it means that its soft and comfortable to wear.

I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the jumper, especially around the neck and cuffs - the print is great too (nice and thick).  You can certainly tell that the quality of the product has been put high on the list of Squeaky Jumpers priorities.

Squeaky Jumpers are available for children ages 2-12 from around £24.99 and for adults from around £39.95.

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