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Sunday 5 July 2015

Matalan School Shop

It is that time of the year when we all start to think about replacing and refreshing the school uniforms over the summer holidays.  Lara's current clothes are looking tired and small but they only need to last a couple more weeks!  Lara is very lucky in that her school has no fixed uniform so, when her normal school clothes (skirts and polo shirts or checked summer dresses) get a little small or worse for wear, she can still wear other items from her wardrobe - however I'd really rather she wasn't wearing her favourite clothes to school.

We have, over the past two years, become big fans of the Matalan School Shop and now, almost all of Lara's everyday school clothes come from there.  Lara can be very fussy when it comes to clothes but she seems to have happily settled on the combination of a brightly coloured polo shirt paired with a blue, black or grey skirt.  In summer she wears this with socks and trainers but in winter she adds woolen tights and a cardigan.

Matalan Flippy Skirt (from £5.50) and Unisex Polo Shirt (from £3 for two)

I'm very happy with the quality and durability of the Matalan school clothing and I haven't yet had to throw an item away; our only casualties have been plain white t-shirts which Lara has a tendency to get food all over.  We now reserve white t-shirts for PE lessons, which is the only clothing that the school do impose uniform rules on.

Thankfully, Matalan stock a complete range of schoolwear which includes sports wear.  We've found the sizes to be a little on the small side when it comes to sports trousers and shorts so we order a size up.  This year I ordered Lara two plain white t-shirts and two pairs of shorts so that we can always have one set of PE clothes at school while the other set is being washed and ironed.

Matalan Ruche Detail T-shirts (from £4 for two) and Girls Cycling Shorts (from £3.50 for two)

I'm genuinely pleased with all of the Matalan school uniform items we have tried over the years.  Now I just need to get the shopping list sorted for the bits and pieces we will still need to buy before Lara enters year two - I'm thinking some wintery pinafore dresses, a warm jumper and some tracksuit bottoms as well as some plimsolls for her ever-growing feet and yet another swimsuit.  When will she stop growing???

Disclosure: We were sent the items from the Matalan School Shop for review of their summer 2015 range but we do buy most of Lara's school clothes there anyway!
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