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Thursday 9 July 2015

#StreamTeam Netflix #TBT

Today is #ThrowbackThursday and I'm reminiscing about the cartoons and TV programmes of my childhood.  Now that I've become a parent, I'm suddenly more aware of the longevity of some of my own childhood favourite television programmes, movies and music.

Thanks to our Netflix subscription, I'm able to share some of my classic characters with the girls - there are a few good characters who have stood the test of time.  Our experiments in retro cartoons are sometimes a bit hit and miss - the girls don't always see the appeal!

For instance, I have wonderful memories of watching a classic heartwarming tale of dinosaurs, The Land Before Time at the cinema as a child and yet now it looks dated and slow - Lara and Holly just didn't see the wow factor!

We've had more success with the Care Bears - there are old and newer episodes on Netflix, and with My Little Pony, the newer version often appears on Netflix and Lara is a big fan.  Other classics from my childhood which have had a makeover since my day are Strawberry Shortcake (I actually quite enjoy watching the new episodes with the girls) and also Dennis the Menace and Gnasher who, in my day, only ever appeared on the page of the Beano.

Mr. B. is glad that Lara seems to enjoy Power Rangers (she re-enacts it in the school playground) but he's also disappointed that the girls refuse to let him put on Danger Mouse!!! They don't know what they're missing.

Netflix for Kids is filled full of characters that the girls simply step over in favour of their current fads and its such a shame that they won't even try some of the oldies but goodies such as The Tweenies!  They have however discovered the Rugrats and will both sit in silence watching it.  To me, the theme tune brings back lots of memories and I do still remember quite a few of the episodes that they have watched.  It feels very weird to watch it with them.

What are your favourite throwback cartoons?  And have you shared them with your kids?
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