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Sunday 1 May 2011

The Sunday Review – Clearing A baby's Blocked Nose with Sterimar Baby Nasal Spray

It wasn't until Lara got her first cold that I even stopped to think about how you blow a baby's nose! When you see the misery of a baby with a blocked nose you'll try every contraption available in order to ease the suffering. We tried two different snot-sucking contraptions and also Karvol and a home-made aromatherapy oil blend in order to help Lara breathe more easily. We've recently been using Sterimar Baby nasal spray about which I had my doubts at first...

When Lara was about 9 months old she had a really bad cold which caused her to lose her appetite (a common indicator of a blocked nose) and her nose gunk got rubbed into her eyes which gave her conjunctivitis. It was miserable. I wouldn't usually take Lara (or myself) to the Doctor for a common cold but I didn't know what else I could do for her. The Doctor prescribed a very simple saline (salt water) solution which we had to drip into her nose to help clear her passageways before a meal. It sounded like a great idea and really did work very effectively but it caused so many tears trying to get those drops into her nose from a tiny bottle that I felt guilty asking the childminders to go through that stress during the day.

Sterimar Baby is a salt water solution too and, when I first heard about it, I was unsure why I would pay for a branded product that is essentially the same as the product the Doctor prescribed Lara for free.

Sterimar Baby is an isotonic sea water solution that contains sea minerals. It's a 100% natural medical device and comes in an aerosol canister with a simple pump that you press down to release the spray. The pump is really cleverly designed so that it can work whatever angle you hold the can at. The genius of this needs re-emphasising. If you've ever tried applying nasal spray to a baby or toddler (or if you've ever tried giving eye drops to a cat) then you'll know why the multi-angle aerosol should feature top of the world's greatest inventions. Babies move, especially when they've worked out that there is a mad woman with a salt-water spray coming in their direction. Sterimar Baby certainly makes the process of application a lot easier.

The salt water comes out as a very fine spray. I'll admit that I tried it on myself out of curiosity and the sensation is very weird (but actually it did help unblock my nose!). Sterimar Baby is recommended for babies up to 2 years old and can be used upto 6 times a day to clear a blocked nose. They also recommend it for daily cleansing of the nose (something Sterimar seem quite big on for allergy prevention and general nasal hygiene). There are some tips on their website of how to apply it to a baby or child.

Sterimar Baby is effective. There is no doubt about that. But, would I pay for a product that is (a) just sea water and (b) available free on the NHS? Yes, I would. That applicator pump is worth every penny for a clear nose and a de-stressed baby. I wish I had known about Sterimar Baby this time last year.

Sterimar Baby can be bought from Boots, Superdrug and other phramacies.
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