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Sunday 29 April 2012

Peppa Pig Penwizard Book Review

peppa pig personalised book
In a matter of weeks, Lara will turn 3. Gulp, how did we get here so fast? Anyway, when we were offered the opportunity to review the latest addition to the Penwizard range of personalised books - Peppa Pig goes to your child's party - I jumped at the opportunity as I thought it would make a perfect birthday present for a Peppa-obsessed little girl.

Penwizard personalised books come in a range of different characters and stories such as Fifi, Thomas and Roary but also with different themes such as Knights, Wizards and Fairies.

The ordering processes was phenomenally quick (due mainly to the fact that the books don't feature any photos of your child so there is no need to upload images etc.). I specified the book I wanted, whether I wanted a pink or blue cover, Lara's age on her birthday, her name, hair colour, skin colour and a few optional details such as a special message for the first page of the book. Then I gave payment details and voucher details and that was that. Our Peppa Pig personalised book arrived a little under 48 hours after I placed my order.

penwizard peppa pig book

The book is good quality. It reads and looks just like a Peppa Pig book you would buy in a book shop just with that unique quality that one of the characters is styled as your child! The story I chose featured Peppa and all of her friends coming to Lara's 3rd birthday party and I couldn't be happier with the story. At first, it was a little disappointing that the image didn't look more like Lara but then when I thought about it, Peppa Pig is an animation, it would be weird to have a photo of Lara in the book when all the other characters were cartoons. Maybe it would make it that touch more personal if I were able to mention some of Lara's friends or family names in the book too.

I think Lara is going to be over the moon with her new book. I am thinking of giving it to her as a gift shortly before her birthday to help her get into the birthday mood - hopefully she won't then expect the real Peppa Pig to turn up to her party! Mind you, Lara isn't stupid and I rather suspect that when she reads the story, she will recognise the episode of Peppa Pig that it refers to and question why Peppa is visiting her own birthday party instead of Zoe Zebras(!) but we shall cross that hurdle when we get to it.

penwizard personalised peppa pig birthday book

The personalised Peppa Pig book from Penwizard costs £14.99 plus postage. You can follow Penwizard on twitter and facebook.

Penwizard personalised books are offering Mellow Mummy readers FREE postage and packing if you use the code 150920.
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