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Friday 26 October 2012

A Holiday Inn Lie In to Look Forward To

This week I'm quite excited to be looking forward to a trip to Chester next month to visit family, visit Chester Zoo and spend a night at the Holiday Inn Chester South.

With the clocks going back this weekend, lots of mums like me are looking forward to a lie in.  I really enjoy my wintery lie ins when it gets darker... I'll just have to explain this to baby Holly won't I?!?

Holiday Inn recently surveyed a number of people about the things they most liked or hated to wake up to in the mornings.  Understandably, the alarm clock came pretty high up in the list of most-hated but I bet the sound of a crotchey baby was pretty high up there too.

If you are looking for good offers for Halloween or half term, including rooms starting at just £49 when you book 21 days in advance, try visiting

I'll update you on how we get on with our Holiday Inn Chester South stay at the end of November.
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