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Sunday 7 October 2012

ITCHeze Cooling Spray Review

As you probably know by now, Lara my eldest suffers from mild ezcema. Mr. B suffers from heat rash whenever we go on holiday abroad and so it shouldn't really have come as a surprise to me to find out that Lara also suffered from heat rash too. During the sunny weather at the start of September, Lara would come home from nursery each evening with red, blotchy arms and face where her sensitive skin had reacted badly to the heat.

Lara was offered the chance to try out ITCHeze cooling spray as a form of relief not only from the heat rash but from the ezcema that causes her arms and cheeks to come up red and itchy very regularly.

ITCHeze by Care costs around £7.49 and is available at Tesco. It is a fine pump spray that you mist over the affected area of skin to offer an immediate cooling effect and a longer lasting increase in moisture levels. It is suitable for children and adults alike so, next month when we visit the Canaries, I suspect Mr. B. will be trying ITCHeze out too!

We have used ITCHeze in the evenings on Lara's arms and her cheeks. On her face I don't spray it directly onto her in case it goes in her eyes or nose so I spray it onto my hand and then rub it in. Lara quite enjoys having the cooling spray put onto her arms and it certainly does offer her instant relief from the itching - I think the cooling effect distracts her from the itchiness. On her face however, Lara doesn't like the feeling. The spray leaves quite an oily film on the skin which (just like her father) makes Lara feel uncomfortable although, after several days of use she did at least acknowledge that it was a discomfort worth putting up with to stop her from scratching her cheeks.

I think that ITCHeze cooling spray will really come into its own when we go on holiday. It has been a long time since we have taken Lara on a sun holiday so I expect her skin to panic a bit but hopefully, with this cooling spray we will be well prepared for heat rash in all of the family.  I don't think that I would use it primarily as a moisturiser because we have a number of other products that we use on Lara's skin which are more effective, but as instant relief in a spray, rather than a cream, I think ITCHeze is perfect for Lara.

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