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Thursday 18 October 2012

Zoe and Beans Hello Oscar Children's Book Review

Hello Oscar is the latest in the series of Zoe and Beans children's books by Chloe and Mick Inkpen published by Macmillan Children's Books.

Lara has loved the Zoe and Beans books we have read together so I couldn't wait to read her Hello Oscar. I read it to her by torchlight one bedtime when she was just about to drift off to sleep which was a little bit of a mistake because it actually made her laugh out loud. There was full on guffawing! I've never known Lara to laugh so much at a book before and it made me laugh at her laughing!

Zoe and her friend, Beans the dog start discovering animals in their garden. Then they hear the words "Hello Oscar" and things start getting very weird. The words of a very persistent parrot get Zoe quite frustrated. I had great fun saying "Hello Oscar" in my best parrot voice. Perhaps this is what triggered the hilarity?

Once again we love the simplicity of the images in the Zoe and Beans book and I find the story easy to read. It isn't formulaeic in any way. Lara loves the story and it is great to meet new animals and new characters.  I think Zoe has a bossy yet inquisitive attitude that reminds me quite a lot of Lara so we both identify with the story.

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