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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Lara is a Petalina Doll Tester

In our house Lara is just as likely to be found bashing things with big sticks or getting muddy in the garden as she is to be found baking pretend cakes in her kitchen or tucking her toys into bed.  I don't consider her to be particularly girly but I'm sure that there is something in a little girl's genes that means, regardless of upbringing, they like to bake cakes, play princesses and cuddle dolls.  I've never bought Lara a doll.  It just never seemed the right time even though I know she is always playing "mummies and babies" at nursery with her friends.

But now is definitely the right time.  I have very fond memories of my own Tiny Tears dolls who came into my life at about the same age as Lara is now.

Lara and I have been invited to pass on that dolly gene by Petalina.  Petalina sell dolls of all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and tastes.  They also sell dolls clothes, accessories, furniture and lots of generally lovely bits and pieces.

Lara and I are both pretty excited about her being an official Petalina little doll tester so stay tuned for reviews and competitions over the coming months.  Lara's doll arrived in the post this morning so I can't wait to show her when she gets home from preschool.
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