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Sunday 21 October 2012

Little Ladies Children's Tights Review

Lara was recently given the opportunity to try out some of the little girl's tights from Tightsplease. Their new range of tights for little girls is called Little Ladies and they are suitable from 2 years to 10 years old.

The Little Ladies range includes some really high fashion styles and some very functional styles that would be perfect for school.

Lara can be very fussy when it comes to choosing her clothes in the morning and on the day we took this photo it took me out of the blue because she had previously refused to wear her white cotton diamond tights because they were "too warm". On this particular cold and autumny morning Lara insisted on wearing a summer dress (sigh) but justified this to me by saying she was going to keep warm by wearing her thick tights! The tights aren't enormously thick - just a nice every day knitted pair which go with pretty much anything. They are very good quality and the fit was brilliant - no hitching up throughout the day!!!

Lara absolutely LOVES these Union Jack Footless Tights and I think she looks gorgeous when she is wearing them. These tights are a nice pale pink with darker pink flowers and a Union Jack design made from the flowers just beneath the knees. These Little Ladies tights are very stretchy and clingy - I was worried that they might ride up around the ankles but they stay put very well. I was also very impressed at their lasting ability. Laras regularly wears these to nursery and they survive... ladder-free! Wow.
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