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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Halloween Sweet Treats

Lara and I have been practicing making our Halloween treats to get into the Autumnal spirit. We always like to have some hand-made goodies to offer friends and colleagues at Halloween and this year Lara wanted to be in charge!

Our Halloween sweet treats were a very simple affair that Lara was able to create more or less unaided - iced halloween biscuits.

I bought a packet of rich tea biscuits, made up three sets of icing using icing sugar and a tiny amount of milk and then added the tiniest amount of food colouring to make green and orange icing. Lara then iced each of the biscuits and decorated using the sweets and sprinkles of her choice.

Our sprinkles in this case were spooky Haribo sweets from the Haribo sharing bags. Haribo sent us some of their Halloween range to review to get into the party spirit. Our bloodshot eye biscuits were made with Haribo Eggstreme Eggs which come in three different mixed-up colours. Our ghoulish biscuits were decorated with Haribo spooky ghosts (my favourite because of the blackcurrant ghosts!).

To see us through Halloween itself we have a pick trick-or-treat bucket of mini-bags of spooky sweets which is fab because we can give the single-portion bags to trick-or-treaters who come to call and Lara can use the bright orange bucket to store her craft items afterwards!

Not one to miss out on the Halloween action, Holly has also been getting into the Autumnal spirit with Ella's Kitchen goodies.  Holly has been munching on Pumpkin already!  Ella's Kitchen's stage 1 pouch with Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkins, Apples and Blueberries helped to get Holly into the swing of things too.

Ella's Kitchen also sell a stage 1 100% apple pouch which, alongside their 100% pear pouch has been one of our staples when out and about recently with Holly.  Lara meanwhile has been munching on Ella's Kitchen wintery snacks - the cinnamon and oranges munchy biccies make great every day snacks alongside her special sweet treats!
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