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Sunday 7 October 2012

Polarn O. Pyret Children's Clothing Review

Over the summer I had heard rumblings about children's clothing company Polarn O. Pyret and then, with the launch of their new Autumn/Winter range of clothes, both Holly and Lara were asked to review some of the items from Polarn O. Pyret's range of swedish children's wear.

Polarn O. Pyret pride themselves on the quality and usability of their clothes.  The clothes that my girls tried were made from thick, good quality cotton and quite some thought had been put into the details that make these clothes wearable day in day out without stress for children or parents.

Lara's striped leggings has specially sewn seams so that they don't chafe inside and an adjustable elastic waistband so that you can get many many months of use out of them even when your child is growing as fast as Lara is right now.  Her bright elephant long-sleeved top has soft, stretchy cuffs so that she can roll them up easily herself.

I love the colours and the bright simplicity ( and I love the fact that I can wash them on a hot wash or else i would never let her go to nusery in them!!!).  One of the fabulous things about the clothes that Polarn O. Pyret sell is that none of them are specifically for girls or for boys, they are all unisex.  That's not to say that they expect boys to wear skirts and dresses or shocking pink leggings, just that all the designs of tops, trousers and fabrics are just as suitable for girls as boys.  Both Lara's items of clothing are from the children's department which caters for children from 2-6 years but Polarn O. Pyret sell clothing from newborn right up to 12 years.

Holly was sent a pair of Denim Baby Dungarees to try.  Now me and baby denim clothing don't have a good history - when Lara was tiny I quickly established that most baby denim clothing was too stressful for me to try and get on to her because generally I find them too rigid to squeeze misbehaving legs into and because they are quite firm they don't have a long lifetime as your baby's bottom and belly grow quickly.  Thankfully, Polarn O. Pyret have got this covered - these dungarees are made from an extra soft denim; there is nothing rigid about them at all.

There is a lot of movement space in them and the straps and sides have two different sets of studs so that the dungarees can grow with your child.  They are suitable for about age 4-6 months which is a totally different age group than I have seen elsewhere and actually is pretty damn perfect.  Two months is a good lifetime for an item of clothing at this age... three months tends to be too long for an item to fit well.

I think the soft, elasticated ankles are perfect but these come at the expense of a fully undo-able nappy area. There are press studs across 90% of the base of the dungarees but obviously a full elastic ankle cuff means that you still have to manouvre your baby's legs out of the ankle holes in order to change a nappy.  I have also found the press studs at the side and top of the dungarees to come un-poppered a little too easily and I regularly have to re-popper her!

I think Holly looks perfect in her dungarees.  Paired with a brightly coloured top she can look bright and cheerful in her Polarn O. Pyret dungarees or with a pink vest she looks beautifully feminine.  Brilliant.

The baby denim dungarees are available from £22.  The striped leggings from £19.50 and the long-sleeved top from £12.50 at

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