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Sunday 21 October 2012

Lansinoh mOmma Warm Plate Review

When Lansinoh found out that we were about to start weaning Holly, they sent us the mOmma Warm Plate to test out.

The mOmma Warm Plate can be bought with one each of the mOmma rocking forks and rocking spoons and the complete set looks quite unlike anything else we have ever tried before. The colours are bright orange and bright green and the plate and cutlery are really big, bold and chunky. Ideal for tiny hands to grab as your littlies are learning to feed themselves.

For us, the warm bowl is ideal. I can place Holly's mashed food into the bowl as I am serving up the rest of our dinner, top the bowl up with hot water and let her food gently warm as the rest of us get ready to eat. The mOmma warm bowl has a chamber underneath the bowl which can hold warm water which keeps the food gently warm while you eat.

The mOmma warm bowl can go in the dishwasher and also in the microwave (as long as you remember to unplug the cork so that steam etc. can escape from the chamber!). It has one small compartment which we are currently using for Holly's mashed food and a larger compartment which will be good for finger foods as she grows up.

I really like the mOmma plate for using at home but I think it is a bit bulky for me to consider taking it out and about with us (which is a shame because the warming concept would work really well for a travel bowl). I also found the cork incredibly difficult to undo for the first three or four weeks that we used it (after that it seemed to loosen a bit and was far easier).

Our mOmma warm plate came with a rocking fork and spoon set. These are cutlery with big round heavy ends so that when you put them down they can rock and stand on their bases. This is a little piece of genius because it means I don't have to worry about putting a spoon down on the table while I am feeding Holly and it potentially getting dirty. I also worship these spoons because I can put them easily in my changing bag for taking out with me, safe in the knowledge that the integrated covers will protect them in my bag before us, and equally, they will protect my bag from ick after I have used them to feed Holly!

Holly is a touch young to be attempting to spoon feed herself but I will definitely let her have a try with the mOmma spoon soon as the big chunky handle may make things quite easy for her to grip.

All of the Lansinoh mOmma tableware is BPA free.
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