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Sunday 23 December 2012

Anywayup Cow Cup Review

Yay - the Anywayup Cup is back. I can't tell you how much of a panic I got into when I was pregnant and found that I couldn't source an Anywayup cup anywhere and I was obviously not the only one. I even had emails through the blog and messages on facebook from people who were desperate to lay their hands on one and were looking to me in case I knew of anywhere that still sold them. But thankfully the Anywayup cup is now back and slightly improved and all is right with the world again.

The cow cup is an Anywayup Cup with a fresian black and white pattern. It is instantly recognisable but it is also just about the best trainer cup or beaker that we tried when Lara was learning to drink from a cup. I am so glad that Holly can have one too (we were sent one to review but I'm definitely buying more).

Other than the groovy design, here are the reasons why I rate this trainer cup so much.

  • The handles are perfectly sized and a good distance from the cup which means that babies as young as Holly (7 months now) and as old as toddlers can hold it easily
  • The lid clips on. No annoying twisting threads to get right. And once it is on, it stays on. For the first few uses it takes quite a lot of brute force from you to take the lid off again but after that it softens a little and for me, it is the best type of lid on a cup.
  • The cup is fun, which means that your little one WANTS to drink from it. The cow cups were always Lara's favourite and she insisted that we send them to the childminder for her to drink her milk from during the day.
  • The cup doesn't leak. The design has changed a little since Lara's day and now the spout contains a small seal at the top which your child has to suck through. Unless they are sucking, liquid cannot come out so it doesn't matter if they tip it up. It really is an anywayup cup!.
  • The cup is really easy to wash - we put ours in the dishwasher. You can also put it in the microwave as long as you leave the lid off.

The new style of Cow Cup doesn't even have a removable valve inside so it is even easier to wash up than before. I have noticed though that the new type of valve inside the spout means that Holly has to suck VERY hard to get water out and she finds it a bit frustrating. I tried it myself and it was bliming hard to drink from so I am thinking of leaving it for a little while before I try her with it again.

You can buy the cow cup and other anywayup cups from

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